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  • Wellness Check: This is the year you’re going to be proactive about your health and your family health. But if it sounds overwhelming, don’t worry — Naadee Health Expert will guide you. By getting your recommended checkups and screenings, you’ll be more likely to catch potential issues early and safeguard your wellness. Depending on your age, risk factors and family history, you might have a variation of the list below.
  • Naadee Health Physician visits you and your loved ones for for an annual wellness exam. Regular tests and screenings will help safeguard your overall health.
  • Lab Work: Your Naadee Health Physician may suggest lab work after your exam. It’s important to know your baseline numbers so you can monitor your health year after year. Your Naadee Health Expert will probably request basic blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes tests, but additional tests might be needed based on your family history.

Remember that the earlier a potential health issue is spotted, the more quickly and effectively it can be treated. Please contact Naadee Health Expert for wellness check for you and for your loved ones.