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Home care for your loved ones

Sometimes despite our best efforts and intentions we fail to be there for our loved ones during health crisis. Especially, if we are far away from our elderly parents. Therefore, need arises for a specialized care services which can be made available on time, much like the first responders in case of an emergency and dedicated care givers for post hospitalization transition support at home. Naadee provides affordable and quality health services right at your doorstep. Our vast team of qualified physicians, experienced and trained nurses/attendants, physiotherapists and dedicated care givers ensure that all your health-related concerns are addressed in real time.

What do we offer?

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Doctor Consultation at Home
  • Nursing Care at Home
  • Physiotherapy at Home
  • Assist Hospital Admission/Visits
  • Medicines and Medical supply deliveries
  • Post hospital Care
  • Home Diagnostics
  • Dementia Care
  • Emotional Companionship
  • Wellness

 All this and more which can be tailored to your specific need and requirements in the comforts of your familiar surroundings. 

Our Electronic medical records and notifications from the care team are accessible on your mobile after registering the services. This mobile app and our naadee health expert team  is very helpful when your loved ones travel to any country and they can have access to their health data.

Our Integrated Health care platform will help your loved ones health constantly monitored by our Naadee Health expert team. And our team will reach your loved ones and you if any change in their health condition.