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Palliative Care

Goal of palliative care at home is to improve the quality of life for patients. At Naadee Health, we believe that receiving care in the patient’s own home is comforting, convenient and reduces stress. Following are the palliative services that can come to your home:

  • Medical evaluation, including monitoring for common symptoms like nausea, vomiting, pain, and anxiety
  • Prescribe medications to ease these symptoms
  • Treat wounds and take care of any other needs
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Provide emotional and spiritual support
  • Provide social interaction
  • Provide guidance on navigating the healthcare system

Why is Palliative care at home better?

  • Convenience: we come to your home, on your time
  • Comfort: Remain as comfortable as possible in your own familiar surroundings
  • Cost: Avoid additional costs for hospital stays, medical fees, travel, etc.
  • Care: Receive help for medical, emotional and spiritual support needs
  • Please contact Naadee Health Expert if you have any questions about Palliative care Services.