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Labs & Diagnostic Care

We know how difficult it is for senior citizens to make the visit to the lab to get their regular blood check-up done. In order to reduce this added stress for the elders, we provide home diagnostic service in Hyderabad. One can’t be too careful when it comes deciding the health care for the elderly in the family. Their immunity to fight against diseases is reduced so it is advisable to be cautious in detecting early signs of disease.
Our diagnostic laboratory is equipped with the latest tools to screen and analyze the health condition. Ranging from general chemistry and glucose testing to viral and cancer-related conditions, our team of doctors and staff are well experienced in providing all the medical lab tests at home.
You can book an appointment today by calling us. Our home service doctors will visit as per patients’ convenience to take samples. We understand the importance of being patient and polite with elders and hence our experienced doctors trained to care and build a relationship with them. This leads to creating an emotional bonding so that all future diagnostic tests are convenient for them. View our “Lab Packages“.