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Why Naadee Health? 

  • Affordable and quality of health service at your door step
  • Well qualified and trained professionals with passion about home health
  • Experienced and trained Nursing / Attendant Services
  • Most Trusted Home Care Organization 
  • Integrated Healthcare Platform
  • Qualified physiotherapist at your door step

How Naadee Health will communicate with you?

  • Naadee health  will communicate on a regular basis and for any developments over Phone, Email, WhatsApp – whichever medium will be opted by you.

How will I contact with you in case of emergency?

  • You will be given an emergency number in case you need them in emergency.

In case of hospitalization how Naadee Health will help?

  • In case of planned and emergency hospitalization, Naadee Health  will ensure smooth and hassle free admission related formalities and will keep you posted of all the developments over phone/email/whatsapp.

Which Naadee Health plan is best for my loved ones? 

  • You need to choose a plan based on your health care needs. Naadee Health plans are designed based on the health care requirement. In choosing best plan for your loved ones, call or request a call back from Naadee Health expert.

What does 24/7 Physician services mean? 

  • If you registered for Naadee Health Gold plan, you can call our on-call physician any time for your health care needs.

What is 24/7 Emergency assistance? 

  • If you registered for Naadee Health Gold or Naadee Health Premium plan, we provide 24/7 emergency assistance like ambulance services to take you to the hospital if need arises.

How Electronic medical record is helpful to me? 

  • You can access all your health data at your fingertips on any smart phone. At same time you can enter you regular finger stick glucose level, Vital signs, wellness checks on the health care portal, which is closely monitored by your personal physician.