Keeping track of your loved one’s health just got a lot easier!

Now it’s easier than ever to access important health information of your entire family . Our Naadee HealthScore(R) platform consolidates data from both the caregivers as well as one’s own data, so you can view all progress in one convenient place. See the long-term trends, or dive into the daily details for a wide range of health metrics.

Like. Share. React.

Like social media feeds, our health app provides instant updates, reactions that are visible to your near and dear ones that are part of your family and friends circle. For, if Facebook can be engaging, then one’s health and wellness should be too.

Learn. Subscribe. Pay.

Manage all your services from one place, including deciding what quantity and services you or your loved one’s need. You can even pay for such services from anywhere in the world, so your loved one’s always get the service they deserve at the right time

Coordinated. Safe. Reliable.

It takes a village to ensure our loved ones are healthy and safe. Our Naadee HealthScore platform bring together and coordinates care across family, doctors, nurses, physiotherapies, dietitians, counselors, additional services that will be required for care.

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