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About Us

NAADEE derived from Sanskrit means channels that carry Prana and sustain life. So, do our health care services. Naadee is a US-based integrated health care platform which provides home-based transitional health services. With a team of highly specialized and experienced health care professionals, Naadee aims to deliver high quality patient centric home health care services to achieve best possible outcomes.

Our mission is to provide exceptional, patient-centered care and affordable home health services through our integrated Health care Platform

What do we do?

Sometimes despite our best efforts and intentions we fail to be there for our loved ones during health crisis. Especially, if we are far away from our elderly parents. Therefore, need arises for a specialized care services which can be made available on time, much like the first responders in case of an emergency and dedicated care givers for post hospitalization transition support at home. Naadee provides affordable and quality health services right at your doorstep. Our vast team of qualified physicians, experienced and trained nurses/attendants, physiotherapists and dedicated care givers ensure that all your health-related concerns are addressed in real time.

Who are we?

Team Naadee is a passionate group of well qualified, highly trained healthcare professionals